Premium Arctic

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ISFJORD Premium Arctic Single Malt Whiskys are made at Braunstein on a copper pot - column distillery as a single malt batch. All Whisky production are made by hand and we select and use only the finest whisky malt for the distillation.

All ISFJORD Whisky matures on exquisite whisky casks for more than 8 years.

Made with pure Iceberg Water form

When the Whisky is ready after 8 - 9 years of maturing in the casks, we blend the cask strength Whisky with the pure and exclusive water from the Greenland ice cap, this pure and smooth water ensures a complete unique Whisky like no other Whisky. We bottle all our Whisky unfiltered to make sure that taste and structure is retained in the Whisky.  

Tasteful with lots of flavors combined with extreme smoothness.

ISFJORD Premium Arctic Single Malt Whisky
That is the question.

The non-peated single malt Whisky matures in Oloroso Sherry casks from Spain. These excellent casks adds flavors of caramel, chocolate and dried fruits and has a lovely sweetness in the after taste.
Proudly honored with Silver Medal at 2018
IWSC (International Wine Spirits Competition) as well as a Bronze Medal at 2018 ISC (International Spirits Challenge).

The peated single Whisky matures in American Oak casks and ex. Bourbon Oak casks (Married Casks). This whisky has only a light peated note and is perfectly combined with the taste of vanilla and caramel. 
Proudly honored with Silver medal at the 2018 
ISC (International Spirits Challenge) as well as a Silver Medal at 2018 IWSC (International Wine Spirits Competition).

Both Single Malt Whiskys are enriched with the unique smoothness from the Iceberg Water. 


silver medal 2018
bronze medal 2018
silver medal 2018
silver outstanding award 2018